Tactical Quick Wins Coaching

Tactical Quick Wins Coaching Sessions are designed to address specific business challenges that you have already identified are holding you back.

Who are they for?

These sessions are for leaders with specific challenges that need to be tackled. You will be highly motivated to address these obstacles head on and keen to explore these issues from a different perspective.

What they deliver:

The challenges you face can be either strategy, go to market, systems or even people related. Once we've identified the baseline problems you're looking to overcome, we'll design and agree a strategy that addresses each of the challenges head on.
The solutions will be designed to deliver a significant uplift in performance.

Why they get results?

This programme delivers results because it uncovers problems that are hindering performance. Our independence from your operation enables us to ask the kinds of questions that can be difficult for many small businesses to address. Once these issues are out in the open we help design a strategy which tackles them head on taking your business in the process to the next level.

Are they right for you?

Just as with our other programmes this coaching will challenge your current thinking, therefore you need to be open to challenge, willing to change and committed to doing the work.
Entrepreneurs sometimes struggle adapting to suggestions for change that they haven't considered before but that's my challenge and because I love working with you types that's one I'm stepping up to!
If I believe we have a good fit and that I can help, I’ll explain how the Tactical Quick Wins Coaching Sessions work in more detail.

What I believe?

I believe entrepreneurs can achieve whatever they put their minds to if they adopt an open mindset and are prepared to do the work.

Performance transformation is achieved by diagnosing hidden root-cause obstacles, applying new thinking and designing a coordinated action plan. This is the essence of good strategy as opposed to simplistic rah-rah goal setting.

My blueprint and programmes are designed to support these objectives.

I believe entrepreneurs will play a vital role in helping our communities recover from the chaos we've had to face over the last few years.


Your investment for the tactical quick wins coaching starts at £5K.
Additional sessions will be agreed on an "As and When Required" basis