Business Growth & Recovery Clinic

The Business Growth & Recovery Clinics are a blend of one-on-one coaching, online training and group coaching designed to deliver transformative growth or recovery from a challenging market position

Who's it for?

This programme is for leaders who have a deep sense that they and their businesses should be achieving much more.

Regardless of whether you want to start growing again or need to refresh your commercial business model you want much more and are willing to go through a change process to get it.

You're ready to open your mind to new concepts that you may not have seriously considered before because you're instincts tell you that it's time for change, perhaps even transformation.

You want to feel more confident about your future prospects, you want to be excited when you explain what you do to strangers and perhaps above all else you want to fall back in love with your business again.

What does it deliver?

This programme helps leaders to look at their business through a fresh new lens.

Included within these clinics are transformative strategies which; identify the underlying obstacles that have been holding back progress, side-step your competition, carve out new niche markets where you can lead, create new business models and switch on the motivation of your people by engaging all of your stakeholders in the change process.

All of this ultimately leads to a faster growing business, higher profits and more confidence for the future.

Why it gets results?

This programme is designed around a unique but proven mix of the most effective transformational business strategies on the planet.

Whether your business challenges are based on left brain systems or right brain emotions the programme will shine a light on the components that are working well and those that need tweaking. 

Every business is a mix of the mindset of it's leader and the culture.

By shining a light on the empowering and disempowering aspects of your total business we'll help you optimise performance and get growing again.

Is this programme right for you?

This programme is designed to help entrepreneurs look at their businesses through a new lens.

Of course it goes without saying that you need to be open to challenge, willing to change and be committed to doing the work.

Leaders and entrepreneurs sometimes struggle adapting to suggestions to change that they haven't dreamt up themselves. But let's be honest if there's no challenge of your current way of thinking and therefore change, what's the point of investing in my services?

The purpose of this initial consultation is for me to fully understand your aspirations and challenges so that I can assess your situation.

If I believe we have a good fit and that I can help, I’ll then explain how the Business Growth & Recovery Clinics work in more detail.

What I Believe:

I believe entrepreneurs can achieve whatever they put their minds to if they have an open mindset, are willing to take on feedback and action some change.

Performance transformation can be achieved in many ways.

My growth blueprints and programmes are designed to unlock and release the potential in you and your business.

Yes, the process can be sometimes be challenging but it's always motivational and often fun.

I believe entrepreneurs are modern day alchemists and will play a vital role in helping our communities recover from the chaos our economies have been plunged into over the last few years.


Should we be right for one another your investment for the Business & Growth Recovery Clinics range from £10K to £20K depending on the complexity of your particular situation and the scale of performance improvement you want to achieve.